The electronic document is DESA'L's latest unit of information and must be linked to a file. It is not allowed to associate more entities with the document.

Note: Only the archiving role and user groups that have write permissions on the corresponding file can create and manage documents.

To create a document, go to the file where you want to place the document and click on the "Create document" button.


A form will appear asking you to enter information about the document to be created, as well as adding the file you want to upload. Mandatory data to be filled in will be marked with an asterisk. There are other metadata that are already reported and cannot be modified.

The information regarding the document is grouped in tabs:

  • Identification data
  • Classification
  • Notes and relationships
  • Signature
  • Permissions


Finally, once you have clicked the "Save and Upload Content" button on the "Identification data" tab, the document will be saved to the application. During the document upload process, the browser must be kept open.

Once the upload is complete, the document will be available in the file