The AOC Consortium is launching a new e-government solution based on the integration of the DESA'L service (our digital repository for storing and safeguarding files and documents being processed while they remain open) with the main services of the AOC Consortium (Via Oberta, EACAT procedures, ERES, e-NOTUM, etc.)

The aim of this solution is that all the documentation of the entity is in a single space, centralized, regardless of whether the document has been incorporated by DESA'L users manually or has been incorporated automatic through the consumption of the services of the AOC Consortium.

Documents generated by the use and consumption of the AOC Consortium's services (for example, Via Oberta inquiries, e-NOTUM evidence, etc.) will be saved:

  • In the corresponding file, as long as this file is previously created in SAVE
  • In a provisional file, in a class with the name of the service of the AOC Consortium (Via Oberta, ERES, etc.) that will be in a class called "Documentation pending classification". This option will be applied when the source application or service (Via Oberta, ERES, e-NOTUM, etc.) does not inform you of the file number where to file the document.


Note: This archiving service will be implemented gradually for all AOC Consortium services. The planning for the implementation of this service will be published on the consortium's website and the user bodies will be informed.