Option 1.- If you do not have the service:

The steps to follow in order to integrate an application with the DESA'L service are as follows:

  1. Fill in the service application form, completing the integration annex. In this appendix you must provide the following information, necessary to carry out the authentication of the application:
    • IP from which the application will consume the service.
    • Public key of the Digital Application Certificate (CDA) that will identify the application.
  2. You will receive an e-mail from the AOC Consortium in which you will be provided with the necessary information and documentation so that you can begin to develop your integration with the SAVE service.
  3. Carrying out the integration tests in the pre-production environment. Throughout this process you will have the support of the Integration Support Service.
  4. Step into production. If you have completed the service registration process, you will be able to make production requests. Throughout this process you will continue to have the support of the Integration Support Service.

Option 2.- If you already have the service for use through the white mark screens, but want to integrate it with your own software:

Follow the steps in the FAQ: What data does the AOC Consortium need to be able to integrate with the service?