One of the main features that DESA'L incorporates is a powerful search engine that allows us to locate any document that we have stored in the repository. In addition, in order to be able to locate these documents, it is essential that the user has read and / or write permissions, otherwise they will not be displayed.

To perform a search, the user will enter the keywords to search for and, optionally, different features that can be combined to modify the behavior of the search.


To customize the search the user can report:

  • Content . If the user enters more than one keyword, they can decide:
    • Return any document that contains any of the indicated words (default option).
    • Return only documents that contain all the indicated words .
    • Only documents containing the exact phrase indicated should be returned. That is, they contain all the words entered and in the same order.
  • Dates . All DESA'L documents have a creation date. The search engine allows you to restrict the search within a specified date range so that only documents that have been uploaded to DESA'L within this date range are returned. It should be noted that only the date from which to perform the search or the deadline.
  • Location . By default, SAAL will search all stored documents. However, if the user browsing the classification table is in a specific class or file, they can check the In current category or folder option so that only the search contained in the documents contained in that classification or file is applied. selected

What the search is about

The keywords indicated will be searched for documents where the user has permissions. The search will be applied to the following document metadata:

  • Title
  • Production unit
  • Description
  • Descriptors
  • CSV

In addition, in the case of documents, the content itself will be searched as long as the file format is one of the following supported formats:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Office (Office 2003 and Office 2007/2010)
  • Text files