Responsible user: Archivist and any user with write permissions

To edit the information associated with a document, click on the "Info" link on the right to display the detail, and click on the "Edit Properties" link.


When editing the properties of a document, its metadata can be modified, except for those that appear in gray, and its contents (file) can also be changed.



Once the metadata and / or file have been modified, just click on the "Save" button.

Restrictions on editing a document:

  • Modifying the contents of a document (file) overwrites the previous file. Please note that DESA'L does not save a history of document versions and that the uploaded file always replaces the previous one. The platform alerts you when a content change is made.
  • When a file is closed only the archiving user can modify a document
  • When a file is transferred no user can modify or add documents to a file.