Assignment and modification of permits

The assignment or modification of the permissions to the different documentary entities (class, file and document) is configured in the “Permissions” tab when one of these entities is edited.


To assign and / or modify permissions, keep the following restrictions in mind:

  • At the class and record level , only the archivist will be able to see the permissions tab for editing properties and make changes.
  • At the document level, everyone will have access to the tab and will be able to modify permissions (as long as they have the write permission. In the case of reading and none will be able to modify it).

To facilitate the management of permits, changes in the permissions of a class will be cascaded to its existing and future subclasses, files, and documents. Similarly, changes to permissions in a file will be propagated to your current and future documents.

Permission propagation policy will be based on the following premises:

  • Cascading changes will only propagate when permissions have changed and / or new permissions are added to new groups / tags.
  • When copying / cutting an item, the original permissions of the item to be copied are retained, without taking into account those in the destination folders where we will copy / move the item.