When you log in to SAVE as a non-archive user, you will find the following message for the first time:

" Your user does not have any SAA'L tags defined, so you cannot access them. Please ask your user manager to assign tags to SAVE and then log back in . "

This message appears because there is no tag created and linked to the SAVE service and to the user. The concept of "label" in the context of EACAT is used to refer to user groups.

To fix this, it's as simple as having your user manager go to the EACAT platform configuration tab and create the user tags or groups you need and then link them to the DESA'L service.

Once the tags have been created, the user manager must include the users in each of them.

Steps to follow:

1. Once in the EACAT platform, the user manager clicks on the configuration tab and in the “User Directory” section he has to click on “Tags” to create a new one.


We recommend that you differentiate the labels of the DESA'L service from the others by naming them as follows: DSL - group name (DESAL-Human Resources). Once you click the create tag button, it's available.


2 . The next step is to assign your user (s) to the appropriate tags. All you have to do is select the user and click on the "Label" button and select the corresponding one


3 . And the last step is to link all the tags to the DESA'L service. To do this, click on the "Services" tab and search for the "SAVE" service.


Select SAVE and just click on the "Tag" button and select the appropriate label and the following message will appear


You must repeat this step for each tag that you want to link to the SAVE service. As the tags are associated with the service, they will appear next to you.

Important: User / tag groups are not unique and therefore the same user may belong to multiple DESA'L groups / tags.