Who can use SAVE?

Any Catalan public administration, but especially small and medium-sized entities that do not have a program for the processing and management of electronic documentation.

Users of these public administrations must be users of the EACAT platform.

Are there any technical requirements to consider when using SAVE?

In order to access DESA'L the user must have a web browser with Internet access. The service is guaranteed for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Firefox 4 or higher
  • Google Chrome.

In order to use the document bulk upload applet and the document signing applet, you must have Java version 1.5 or higher.

What kind of documentation and files can I file and manage in DESA'L?

DESA'l is designed to archive and manage files and documents being processed.

It is also intended to archive the documents generated / received for the use and consumption of the electronic administration services of the AOC Consortium (for example, Via Oberta, EACAT procedures, ERES, etc.). This storage and custody service will be implemented gradually for all the services of the AOC Consortium.

What file formats does it save?

DESA accepts any file format. However, in the event that they have to be transferred to the iARXIU platform, only those supported by iARXIU ( link ) will be accepted.

What storage capacity do I have to archive my documents and files?

Initially the storage quota is 10 GB, but expandable depending on the needs of the entity.

There is also no limit on the maximum weight of files.

What metadata model should be used to describe files and documents?

DESA'L proposes a closed metadata model, but rich enough and adaptable to the needs of users.

In the following link you can consult the metadata scheme of DESA'L: model_metadades_desal_20150205_web