Responsible user: Archivist and any user with write permissions

This feature allows you to upload more than one document to a specific file without having to fill in any required metadata for each document.

The user must enter the file and click on the "Multiple Upload" button. The applet is currently loaded to upload documents and the user only has to select all the documents they want to upload. You can select as many documents as you want and it depends on where they are on the user's local file server, allowing you to upload documents from different folders.

Folders can also be selected, in which case DESA'L will select all the documents in them, regardless of their location in subfolders or other levels.


Once you have selected all the documents you want to upload, click on the "Upload" button. At the end of the process the application indicates the number of documents that have been uploaded


Below we can see in DESA'L the documents that have been included in the file. In addition, DESA'L has automatically incorporated all its required metadata.