Responsible user: Archivist

In order to be able to transfer files to the AOC Consortium's iARXIU platform, the following considerations must be taken into account:

  • The entity must be registered as a user of the iARXIU service
  • The entity must have created a documentary collection on the iARXIU platform
  • The entity must register the template “PL_expedient_desal.xml” on the platform iARXIU ( PL_expedient_desal )
  • Files to be transferred must be closed

Start of transfer

In this case, the transfer of one or more files is allowed, but always within the same class of the classification table.

In order to transfer a file, it must be closed (in red). In the event that an open file (in yellow) is selected at the time of the transfer, the platform will ask you to inform the closing date and the documentary fund where the file is to be transferred.

In the case of selecting a file that is already closed, you will only be asked to select the documentary fund where the file is to be transferred.

The archivist must select the file or files you want to transfer and click the "Transfer iFile" button.

A pop-up will then be enabled to indicate in which documentary fund of the iArxiu platform you want to transfer the file. If there is only one documentary fund on the iArchive platform, the pop-up will not appear and the transfer will start directly.


Once the documentary fund has been indicated, DESA'L will start the transfer procedure. Until all the files to be transferred have been prepared, the DESA'L screen will be locked, without allowing you to perform other tasks or actions.


Once the transfer preparation is complete, the screen will be unlocked and the user will receive a message informing them of the start of the transfer.


Completion of the transfer

Note: The transfer process is not automatic as it is processed asynchronously every hour. Until the process is completed, the transferred files will be blocked, without the possibility of editing them or adding more documents.

Once the transfer has been processed correctly, approximately one hour after starting the process, the way to know if the file has been transferred correctly is to check what color the file is in.

If the file has changed to a faint yellow color, the file has been transferred.


Additionally, hovering the mouse over the file will display the URL where the file was archived on the iARXIU platform.

If you view the file metadata on the file tab, the transfer information appears: the identifier of the file on the platform and the access URL.


Error transferring file to iARXIU platform

If the record is still in the red one hour later, the transfer has failed. To find out exactly, consult the metadata, the File tab and the "Transfer remarks" metadata where the reason for the error will appear.


When a file could not be transferred for any reason (unaccepted file format, connectivity issues, etc.) the files return to their previous state, closed.

Files transferred to the iARXIU platform will be deleted from the DESA'L platform 2 months after their transfer. What will be removed will be the documents that are part of it. What will always remain on the DESA'L platform is the file folder.