Responsible user: Archivist and any user with write permissions

The "Upload Multiple" button allows you to create files and upload documents automatically from a user-selected file system directory. Please note that the logic that DESA'L uses to create the files and documents is as follows:

  • First, the user must select the class where they want to upload the files and documents as SAA'L will ALWAYS create files in the selected class, NEVER create classes within the selected class.
  • DESA'L will replicate the folder structure of the first level of the selected root directory with the following particularities:
    • As many records will be created in the desired class as there are directories on the first level of the selected local root directory.
    • All the documents contained in each branch of the first level of the local directory will be uploaded in bulk to the corresponding file of the class, regardless of whether they are in child directories.
    • If, in addition to directories or folders, there are documents at the first level of the local structure, DESA'L will create a file with the same name as the root directory selected for upload and save all documents.

The following graph details the behavior of the class-level multiple load:


To perform a bulk upload you must enter a class in the leaderboard and click on the "Multiple upload" button:


Because this feature uses an applet that is automatically downloaded to the web browser, the first time this component is used the browser asks if you want to trust the component editor. Check the box and click the "Yes" button

Important: In order to use the application, you must have Java version 1.5 or higher installed.


The operation of the bulk upload application is very simple. You need to click the "Browse" button to go to the folder that will include other folders and documents that you want to upload to the user's local file directory. The user must select the "mother" folder and click the "open" button


Specifically, the user must select the "parent" folder that includes the documents and folders they want to upload. The application, as described above, will create folders based on the folders included in the selected folder.

In the example below, the user has selected the "records_folders" folder. And this folder includes in the first level a document and 2 folders


Once the folder is selected, the application informs you of the documents that will be uploaded. Just click the "Upload" button to start uploading documents. If there are any documents that do not want to be uploaded, just select them and click on the "Delete selected" button. The "Delete All" button deletes all previously captured documents


All selected documents will then be uploaded. In the bar you will be able to know the remaining loading time.


Important: Do not close the applet while the documents are being loaded, otherwise connectivity will be lost and the documents will not be loaded

Once the process is complete, the application reports the number of documents uploaded and the number of files created:


Below you can see in DESA'L the files created and the documents that have been included in each file folder. In addition, DESA'L has automatically incorporated all the required metadata at the file and document level: