All records must always be associated with a class in the classification table, regardless of the level of the table. A file then cannot contain classes or other files, only documents.

Note: Only the archive role and user groups that have write permissions in the corresponding class can register and manage the files.

To create a file, simply enter the class where you want to place the file and click on the "Create File" button.


A form will appear asking you to enter information about the file to be created.

The data that must be filled in will be marked with an asterisk. There are other metadata that is already reported and cannot be modified.

The information regarding the file is grouped in tabs:

  • Identification data
  • Classification
  • Interested
  • Site
  • Notes and relationships
  • File
  • Permissions

Note: To register a file, only enter the title field of the file. The rest of the required metadata is reported automatically, although some may be modified. The decision to fill in the rest of the metadata is up to the user.