Note : If the "Create Class" button does not appear even though you have been assigned the role of archivist, check if yours has applied for registration with the service and has received confirmation of its completion. This service is accessible so that the saved documents can be viewed automatically even if no registration has been requested, but in this mode it is only for consultation and does not allow any modification.

Responsible user: Archivist

The operation to create the classes is very simple. You need to go to the level where you want to create a class and click on the "Create class" button. You can create as many top-level classes as you want, and there are no limits to the number of class levels that can be created.


A form will appear asking you to enter information about the entity to be created. The data that must be filled in will be marked with an asterisk. The information regarding the class is grouped in tabs (Identification data, Classification and Permissions).


The mandatory data to report are the following:

  1. Class title
  2. Classification code
  3. Access level