The users who can operate the DESA'L service are the following:

  • User manager of the entity within the EACAT platform. This role is assigned the following functions:
    • Assign the archiving role to the corresponding users within the DESA'L service.
    • Create user / tag groups, assign the corresponding end users to them, and link those tags to the SAVE service.
  • Archive . This user has an administrator profile and is assigned the following responsibilities:
    • Manage registrations, modifications and cancellations of classes in the classification table.
    • Transfer closed files to the iArxiu platform (as long as it is registered with the iArxiu platform)
    • Reopen a closed file or modify its metadata.
  • User . This type of user will only be able to create, modify, consult and close files or add documents to a file, as long as they have the appropriate permissions for the class in the box.