Preliminary considerations

To use SAALL you need to:

  1. The body has formally applied for membership of the service to the AOC Consortium using the registration form ( link )
  2. Users who want to use DESA'L are users of the EACAT platform.

Basic configuration

Once registered:

  1. Entity user manager must assign an entity user with the role of archiver (+)
  2. Entity user manager must create user tags / groups and assign users (+)
  3. The archivist must create the classification table and assign permissions to user groups in the different classes in the table (+)
  4. Users with write permission, once the box is created, can now create files and upload documents (+)

How to access it

To access DESA'L you must enter the EACAT platform. Once inside EACAT, go to the Applications section where the EACAT services / applications catalog is located.