Preliminary considerations

To use DESA'L you must:

  1. You have formally requested us to join the AOC Consortium service using the registration form.
  2. That users who want to use DESA'L are users of the EACAT platform.

Basic configuration

Once registered:

  1. The user manager of the institution must assign a user of the institution with the archivist role (+)
  2. The user manager of the us must create the user tags/groups and assign the users (+)
  3. The archiver must create the classification box and assign the user group permissions to the different classes in the box (+)
  4. Users with write permission, once the box has been created, can now create files and upload documents (+)

How to access SAVE

To access DESA'L you must enter the EACAT platform. Once inside the EACAT, go to the Applications section where there is the catalog of EACAT services/applications